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Rose Friend Sex Tape.

She reminisced: Rocket Queen was what I was most famous for, but I see myself as a friend to them after all those crazy times. I am still friends with Slash. Even though everything got messed up with the band we stayed in touch.

Rose friend sex tape.

A woman named Adriana Smith, Guns N' Roses groupie and stripper at the time, had been with drummer Steven Adler for around a year.[6] Smith later claimed in a TV interview that, after Adler insisted that she was not his girlfriend, she went to the mixing sessions at Mediasound Studios in NYC. Rose and Slash were there. Rose propositioned Smith that they have sex in a vocal booth so that the sounds that Smith made could be recorded and put over the bridge of the song. Smith replied that she would do it, "For the band, and a bottle of Jack Daniel's".[7]

It was later stated in the music magazine Classic Rock, as well as Rolling Stone, that the person who had been recorded performing sex noises on the song was indeed Adriana Smith, an on-off girlfriend of Adler. She also allegedly had an intimate relationship with frontman Rose.[9][10] Smith revealed in an interview that Adler "freaked out" when he found out about the recorded sex session, and she spent some years using alcohol and drugs "because I had this extreme shame and guilt and stuff."[9]

However, further revelations could indicate that Smith and Rose have not been the only people recorded for the song. Mike Clink, longtime producer of the band, said: "The guys were taking turns fucking this girl in the studio. Those are actual sounds of sex, captured live on tape." Furthermore, a former Geffen employee claimed that Rose had sex several times with two or three girls on tape, unhappy with the results.[12]

She admits to still having a love jones for the "Bank Account" rapper, whom she dated for at least eight months, and has high hopes they'll be able to work out their issues. "I love him. I really love him. I miss him. I think about him every day," she said. "But to say that I'm single, I can't say that I'm single because in my heart I still love him so for me to say that I'm single means I want to go out and find something else. Like I'm ready to mingle and I'm not. My heart is still with him so you know, hopefully we can work it out but if we can't, the love is still there so you know, we'll hopefully be able to be friends."

Blac Chyna joined her good friend Amber Rose for a dance and karaoke party in an effort to forget about her latest scandal. As reported, a tape showing the former stripper performing oral sex leaked on Feb. 19. This is the second time raunchy material featuring Chyna has hit the Internet, and her lawyer noted the situation is "a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse." Click through's gallery to find out more about how Chyna's handling the shocking scandal.

Rose is a mix of introvert and extrovert, which can change depending on her mood. She is a big perfectionist. The Calloway sister loves her friends but that love can often create the need of perfection, where upon she begins to criticize her life. This is because she often compares herself to others and is therefore very self-critical. When she's hurt or upset, she tends to apologize for things that aren't her fault, which sometimes leads her down an insecure path. She dresses classically so as not to attract attention and is specific about her looks. Rose is intelligent, but doesn't always take advantage of this. She is afraid of missing something and takes therefore often too much. Rose shares her sister's ( Lily Calloway ) love for Harry Potter.

Rose is later seen at the family luncheon at the Villanova mansion. She sees Lily not drinking alcohol and assumes she's pregnant, especially because a friend of hers had seen Lily visit a sexual health clinic at the University of Pennsylvania.

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