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Real Graphic Textures 1.45

This mod is very stable as it only changes some graphics textures in the original 3 states of ATS, no changes are made to New Mexico or Oregon as SCS employed desaturation techniques in these states, so it will work without any issues.

Real Graphic Textures 1.45

This mod replaces textures for the roads around the map of ATS. If you like taking cool pictures and want to take a fresh look at the world of ATS, then this mod is for you! Most of the road textures are new and are made based on the real world pictures.

FYI: the screenshots for this mod have been taken without graphics mods, brightness set on 40% and Color Correction turned on. Alongside with my other mods: Enhanced Vegetation, New Mountain Textures and New Mexico Mountain Textures. I really recommend you use all of the mentioned mods together for the best experience ;) 041b061a72

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