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Watching this makes me ill. There is enough blame to go around. Doesn't anybody care. Are parents so wrapped up in themselves? Is television so desperate for money and ratings? Deep down I know the answer is yes, but I am so repulsed by that fact. Yes, kids will engage in sex, but distributing soft-core porn disguised as entertainment, disguised as information is truely repugnant. The children in those clips behaved as though they were making a pornographic teaser. No thirteen year old boy or girl should be behaving this way. It was also clear they were to young to understand the implications of their actions. Where are all the parents?

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If you read "Cosmopolitan" over your morning coffee, it is not unreasonable to expect your daughter to read "CosmoGirl". If you hang on every scandal committed by Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian (am I the only one left who remembers that she used to be a porno star instead of a cultural icon?), then your daughter will look up to these women as role models. If you have X-rated DVDs at home, or even copies of "Henry & June" or "9 1/2 Weeks", the kids will find them and get curious. It is unrealistic to think that bad taste can be acceptable for adults but not teenagers. Adults should hold themselves to higher standards. 041b061a72

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