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How To Make Hoi4 Run Faster

TL;DR: This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to make Hearts of Iron 4 run faster. Turn off the day and night cycle, Fog of War, and various options in the graphical options menu, such as cities, 3D trees, 3D buildings, 3D units, high-quality pixel shaders, reflections, weather, and shadows. Also, use map mods from the Steam Workshop to improve performance.Otherwise, follow these steps to optimize your Hearts of Iron 4 game:

How To Make Hoi4 Run Faster

Expert AI mod makes the AI much more dangerous. It comes with a number of other options, such as the ability to prevent the AI from training too many divisions and making it focus on competitive builds.

Winner of the 'Outstanding Modding Achievement' at the 2018 PDXCon, Millennium Dawn delivers exactly what one would imagine: the modern world set in stunning detail on the HOI4 Engine. This mod will be the closest we'll get to a global geopolitical grand strategy set in contemporary times and its fantastic depth makes it an exciting if not eerie look at today's world. One of the best examples of the impressive capabilities of totally overhauling the game, this mod promises political intrigue that's worthy of network news.

Old World Blues brings the Fallout universe to HoI4, which makes for a surprisingly solid combination. The research tab has been replaced by a new tech tree, reflecting the state of the Fallout universe in 2275; some of the 'tribal' factions will be equipped with spears and scavenged firearms, where the more advanced factions can research and deploy the vaunted Power Armor that has been on the cover of most every Fallout release in the last few years. Many of the factions will have their own unique decisions and focus trees. Much of this will be familiar to players of New Vegas, but there is plenty grabbed from the lore of the first and second Fallout games as well.

This could also be considered an 'overhaul' mod of sorts given the extensive work done with the AI, but it's not meant to necessarily give the player an alternative scenario or a more immersive experience. Expert AIputs in a lot of behind the scenes work to make the AI a more challenging opponent for the players, specifically with the 1936 start with Historical Focus mode turned on. It's not able to address everything, but it touches a wide range of AI behaviours & decision making systems so that computer opponents fight smarter & harder. It's also not recommended you use this mod while playing minor nations.

Each country starts with one or more division templates that may be used to order recruiting and deployment of new land units. These templates may be modified by the player, or new templates created by either using the Duplicate button to make a duplicate of a template, giving it a name different from existing templates, and then making modifications to a template as described below, or by selecting the name and pressing 'Create Empty'. Land experience is not charged until the changes are saved using the Save button on which the total cost is also shown, so players can experiment and analyze the results of changes before making a decision. When a template is changed, all divisions that are based on that template immediately place orders for additional needed manpower and equipment and return any manpower or equipment that is now surplus to the national stockpile. It is wise to have any needed manpower and equipment ready in the national stockpile before changing the template of a division that may be expected to face combat in the near future. It may be prudent to upgrade units one at a time.

On the other hand, doubling the division size does not make the divisions two times more resistant to actual damage, since the organization does not scale up. Damage is two times more frequently dealt to organization instead of HP (which is additive), and defense is often easy to stack up for land units anyways. Having small divisions is additionally more versatile due to the sheer number of divisions, allowing one to run encirclements and cover up extending lines when needed; however this also takes up commanding official capabilities. Small divisions also allow more support weaponry companies to be used, many of which are more economical in their stats contribution per equipment than line companies; on the other hand, they increase the cost of non-weapon support companies, since more of them are needed to achieve the same percentage bonus.

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