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How To Install And Play Far Cry 3 Ziggy’s Mod ((LINK)) Cracked Version

What is Ziggys Mod?

Ziggys Mod is a mod created by Dziggy, a Nexus Mods user and a Far Cry 3 fan. The mod aims to remove all the arbitrary restrictions on the games content, giving you access to everything from the beginning (not for free) and allowing you the freedom to choose how you want to play. The mod also rebalances almost every aspect of the game, such as enemy AI, weapon damage, crafting, skills, UI, weather, sounds and more. The mod has been updated regularly since its first release in early 2013, and has received positive feedback from thousands of players. Some of the main features of Ziggys Mod are:

How to Install and Play Far Cry 3 Ziggy’s Mod Cracked Version


  • New content: The mod adds multiple reticle color options for all attachment sights, the Type 10 pistol shotgun from multiplayer, two new melee weapons, unique effects for signature weapons, muzzle brake attachment, long-range scope attachment, two new colors of night sight attachments, more weapon stats to the store menu and more.

  • Freedom: The mod removes all skill locks, unlocks all weapons and syringes from game start, enables all attachments for all weapons they fit on, increases maximum allowed attachments for most weapons, allows signature weapons to be customized, unlocks the southern island from game start and lets you enable the wingsuit from the crafting menu.

  • Realism: The mod makes enemy weapons do increased damage, gives enemies a larger variety of weapons and a secondary weapon, changes enemy outfits to be more realistic and camouflaged, adds location-based damage modifiers and distance-based damage fall-off for all guns, makes suppressors not completely silent any more, disables tagging/wallhacking enemies through walls or objects, increases spawn rates of enemies and animals, removes enemy sniper lasers and bullet tracers, increases the duration of days and nights and storms, removes free weapon unlocks from radio towers and disables object highlighting/blinking.

  • Enhanced UI: The mod removes all unnecessary HUD popups and on-screen interaction prompts, adds realistic icons for weapons and skills menu, cleans up the appearance of several menus, replaces the minimap with a hi-res compass and adds hi-res reticles for all attachment sights.

How to Install Ziggys Mod Cracked Version?

To install Ziggys Mod cracked version for Far Cry 3, you will need a few things:

  • A cracked copy of Far Cry 3 with patch 1.05 installed. You can download it from various torrent sites or online platforms.

  • The latest version of Ziggys Mod (4.0.4 as of writing this article). You can download it from Nexus Mods or Mod DB. There are two versions of the mod: regular and hardcore. The regular version is recommended for most players as it offers a balanced difficulty level. The hardcore version is for those who want a more challenging and realistic experience.

  • A mod manager such as Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer. This will make installing and uninstalling mods easier and safer.

Once you have these things ready, follow these steps:

  • Run your mod manager and add Far Cry 3 as a game.

  • Download Ziggys Mod from Nexus Mods or Mod DB using your mod manager or manually.

  • If you downloaded the mod manually, extract the zip file to a folder on your computer.