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Experience The Room - A Physical Puzzler Inside a Beautiful 3D World

"The Room" is a very good puzzle game, this game is too test intelligence. The game player to find a variety of hidden clues, and then use them to open a sophisticated secret door. Unless you are a high IQ, or anyone who gets this game will be a time scratching their heads, you sort out their own ideas, with Xiao Bian into this ultimate mysterious room.

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The game uses a full 3D perspective can be rotated to bring the mysterious mystery puzzle experience, in the game as if the game player exposure to a dark room, in addition to requiring the player to the cabinet, surrounded by darkness, giving people Very mysterious feeling. In addition to the mysteries of environmental manufacturing, the game design of the props can be described as the heart, each props are accurate to the extreme, so that players can clearly find some hidden clues.

This for the operation of the design is very clever, full-screen touch mode allows the player very easy to control, so the game will apply this mode of operation to the extreme, the face of the box, whether rotating or zooming are very sensitive, or even Also used to Apple's sign gestures. For the puzzle game, flexible and precise subtle operation is very important, and for the full composite of these standards, allowing the player in the detailed reasoning can completely ignore the distress of the operation.

Talking about this as a feature, just want to say "really too difficult," I was still full of self-confidence IQ, but after playing this game, they fate. This made the puzzle to the extreme, with almost no hint, completely rely on the player to find clues, and all the clues are not directly displayed in the game, but hidden in some unpredictable place, and sometimes a puzzle Need a few clues together at the same time to answer. Such a sophisticated puzzle set, allowing players in addition to a headache can not help but full of an unconvincing losers momentum, as long as careful to find and reasoning, always find unexpected secrets.

The game is not used to record the player clearance process, but with a ring of mysterious cassette to record, the player opens the first cabinet, it will be inside a cassette, the cassette is the next level. The level of the game with a ring of interlocking cassette to represent, so that players will not have to change the different levels of unexpected sense, but also allow the whole game to be more closely linked. -

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The game gathers almost all the puzzle elements you can think of, find the key to , find missing parts, crosswords, guesses, word combinations, graph combinations, flipping questions, etc., as well as perspectives and even games Items may contain riddles! If you really can not find a solution, it is necessary to try to use the "filter" provided in the game, which is the button on the right side of the screen, may be able to see through the phenomenon of more essential things, the process does Full of challenges, challenges to make you sometimes painful, but the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to solve the problem, it is real!

It's a game that hurts and happily, but it's great, but you have to be mentally prepared and it has to be "insistent," and unless you're a genius, you're a bit scratching your head As long as you persevere and find out the law gradually, you will experience the pleasure of "puzzle" from the challenge. Taking the example of myself, the sum of the time spent in the following three chapters is equivalent to that spent in the first chapter. I'd love to recommend it to players who like puzzling games, and / or basics of puzzles.

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Anyone who participates in the puzzle in The Room must recognize its practicality and charm. Play the role of a detective and find out the mysteries in the majestic abandoned castle. Your main task is still to unlock the entire room and light up the lamp of light and hope. Navigate the dungeon with the help of the map and find suspicious clues. The murder probably happened in this place; the remaining traces proved it all. The echoing sounds in the ears are also important information for our detectives to level up faster. Touch the precious Null puzzle piece stored deep in the secret room at the end of the path.

Do you think that just using your intellectual ability and walking around the rooms will find the solution? This puzzle journey is not easy. A Null Eyepiece is a unique tool that checks all the smallest pieces of the puzzle to string events together logically. The null eyepiece will not let you skip any corner of the house to solve the case at the fastest speed. Null only partially supports, but it is you who give the answers and make inferences for the journey to solve the case. The puzzle level will gradually increase in difficulty, so you will not be allowed to rest in any race.

The Room puzzle game always requires us to be awake during the game. So a big challenge for you is probably the missions in the mini-game. These are rounds that require high puzzle speed with the ability to be decisive when making choices. The questions will be scientifically designed and always updated to add more fun to the game. Any given link is the most crucial detail. Remember that no piece of the puzzle is superfluous.

Our suggestion system is one bright spot if you are stuck in your journey. The Room always understands the psychology of players when participating under challenging levels. You are confused with many pieces and gradually lose your way. The first thing gamers need to do is stop and survey all the clues obtained. Check the hint box to unravel the clues, and be a more intelligent player when combining hints with Null eyepieces to double the ability to solve puzzles.

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So I first found this game back in I would say around July of 2019 when a friend recommended it to me. It has ever since then been my favorite game (tied only with Brothers: A tale of two sons) It is a game that I have many hours on and have gone back to play multiple times over the years. I fully recommend Marie's room

yooo this was such a cool game. great atmosphere, interesting story. i really enjoyed the process of searching the room and piecing together everything that had happened to and between the characters. well done!

So, what I would like to say in the first place, is that this game is not as short as it was told. When I was playing, it took me a lot of time to examine one room. And it was enjoyable! As I was looking for the code, I was getting more and more information about the story of these girls. Likewise, I was getting the Life is strange vibes. The teenager room full of posters and decorated in a unique style and chill music in the background certainly makes me like this game even more.

I made a 2 part series for this game. Where do i even begin. The music is great quite immersive. I was happy with the fact that you can explore almost every single item in the game and yes it does say its an exploration based game. Also the story seems quite real, the voice acting is good and an interesting way of storytelling through exploration. Ofcourse this game isn't for you if your not into a slow paced exploration game as it does have a few puzzles and alot of narration. But i would rank it high overall.

I think I mostly enjoyed this, although the characters didn't grab me. I'm not fond of toxic friendships, and this game deals with that to some extent. I also had a very hard time reading the text, because it was all in a thin font that was much too small (I play on the couch). From an accessibility standpoint, I also noticed one part that had no subtitles at all, when the game first shifts from present to past.

I've just played the game and I loved it! It's short but you manage to create such a beautiful and touching atmosphere all along. The narration was perfect, I enjoyed every aspects of the story. The puzzle part motivates to find every pieces of the past and add to the mystery. Really a good game from start to finish !

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