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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 [HOT]

Pros: Great for minor editing sorting and touchups for any recreational photographer or learning the basic's. Pretty powerful engine for quick workflow and editing ( see cons ) . Bonus is being an adobe product works very well in unison with other adobe programs.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

Cons: As stated above the program runs a powerful engine but requires alot of CPU/GPU power to feed it, if you have not upgraded or bought a solid computer in the last two years this is probably not the choice for you. As someone else mentioned in another comment yes adobe LR is a "sandbox" program to some extent and is limited in creativity expression and you will have to use PS for.

Check out the Photoshop family forums at to get an Idea of all the issues.Some of which did not exist in the beta version.On top of all that it's slower than LR3.Had to go back to LR3 for production work. LR4 is just too unreliable.My recommendation for now is DO NOT BUY.

I'm sorry you feel that LR4 is a DOG. A lot of people using AMD processors have voiced their opinion about slowness. Have you tried 4.01? You can get the beta of it from adobe Labs. You might find many of the problems you are facing have been addressed in this version.

Yup a lot slower especially in the develop module & 2 screens increases the problem. It is all over the adobe forums. I would hold off on moving from 3.6 if you can. I have upgraded but will probably go back to 3.6 what a pain!

This integration with Lightroom is the second Blurb bookmaking solution available to Adobe customers. Blurb also created an Adobe InDesign plug-in in 2011. More information on the partnership and the Lightroom integration can be found by going to:

as mentioned earlier, the amtlib.dll file can become damaged or missing. in the event of a missing or damaged amtlib.dll file, your windows operating system will not be able to find the necessary information that the adobe captivate exe file needs to run, and will generate an error message. your adobe captivate exe file will crash, which is why we strongly recommend that you backup your adobe captivate exe file immediately before repairing your amtlib.dll file.the first way involves using a file copying tool, like winzip, to copy the file from another location on your computer (eg. another computer, cd or dvd, usb flash drive, memory card, etc.) to the exact location where you believe your adobe captivate exe file is stored. this is a simple step, and is a common practice among windows users, but there are drawbacks to this solution. some files, such as amtlib.dll, are already digitally signed - meaning that you cannot replace the actual file; you can only replace the file with a digital signature that is verified by the operating system. this is only possible if you are able to purchase an "official" copy of adobe captivate from adobe. thus, if you are unsure about how to replace your amtlib.dll file, or if you cannot purchase a legitimate copy of adobe captivate, this step may not be effective for you.choose your appropriate version of adobe captivate from the pull-down menu of available versions (see image below), click the link to download the latest version, and save it to your desktop. click the link to download amtlib.dll directly from adobe. finally, using your file manager, browse to your desktop where you just downloaded your file. locate your amtlib.dll file and replace the file with the one you downloaded. 6a6f617c0c

hi have been looking at the differences between photoshop and elements and now have discovered lightroom; i want to be able to take photos of my art work, paintings etc and make them perfect for uploading to the web to sell and for prints etc; you mentioned apeture for the mac, as i wish to use my mac for this work , i have a pc also, but i find my mac book pro has better colour. so my question is would you recommend elements and lightroom or apeture or do you think i could get away with just elements ?? also down the track i would like to create books. thankyou for your time and input rae

This integration with Lightroom is the second bookmaking solution Blurb has created for Adobe customers, joining the plug-in for Adobe InDesign, which launched in 2011. More information on the partnership and the Lightroom integration can be found by going to: 041b061a72

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