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[S10E6] If The Shoe Fits

Dr. Spencer Reid: No, actually most fairy tales in their original form were gruesome to the extreme. In Cinderella, the stepsisters had their feet mutilated to fit in the shoe and her eyes were eventually picked out by doves. Sleeping Beauty was raped while she was unconscious by the King. Hansel and Gretel were held captive by a half blind cannibal. Solders were instructed to cut out Snow White's liver and lungs so the Queen could feast upon them.

[S10E6] If the Shoe Fits

Then there are the cases themselves, which may require suspension of disbelief and can be ridiculous at times. For instance, in Season 5, Episode 12, "The Uncanny Valley," the unsub was abducting women, drugging them and dressing them up as real-life dolls. In Season 10, Episode 6, "If the Shoe Fits," a woman was killing men with her high heel shoes and putting their phones in their mouths with an alarm set for midnight. This episode took inspiration from the fairy-tale Cinderella, with the character murdering these men when they didn't live up to her version of Prince Charming.

This episode, directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, was said to be one of the most graphic in the entire series. Then there was Season 4, Episodes 25 and 26, "To Hell..." and "...And Back," this one was highly disturbing and featured one of the highest body counts seen on the show. When people start going missing from the streets of Detroit, the team follows clues to a pig farm in Canada. There they discover a box filled with almost 100 pairs of shoes, which was the result of a scientist having his brother experiment on people. Amidst the existing crime and procedural dramas, Criminal Minds' suspense, action and character arcs keep it as a streaming favorite, while delivering just the right amount of absurdity and depravity. 041b061a72

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