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Fixed ICOM RS-BA1 Remote Control Software

To access Icom Radio remotely (over the internet), Icom sells the RS-BA1 software. During the setup, I stumbled over a few, mainly networking-related problems. In this post, I describe the symptoms, the tools I used for network debugging (on Windows), and the possible solutions.

Fixed ICOM RS-BA1 Remote Control Software

The TX Factor have produced a video that logically goes through the step by step process of remote controlling an Icom Amateur radio, more specifically in this case, the IC-7300 using the RS-BA1 remote control software.

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  • displayLikeStats("/g/win4icomsuite", 1, 185444791, false) N2WQ $('#timedispmsg185444943').replaceWith(DisplayShortTime(1619837060363958422, false)); #2847 Tom,RS-BA1 kills dual watch; does it stay on with your software?Rudy N2WQ Sent using a tiny keyboard. Please excuse brevity, typos, or inappropriate autocorrect. toggle quoted messageShow quoted text On Apr 30, 2021, at 10:38 PM, Tom Blahovici wrote:HiWin4IcomSuite can now work with the Icom Remote Utility. All you need to do, assuming you currently have a functional RS-BA1/2 installation, is to connect with Win4Icom to the virtual comport that was provided on connection with the remote utility. You can read more here in the release notes: Win4IcomSuite provides far more functionality than the RS-BA1/2 control program. This includes:Support of Data Modes (for the life of me why isn't this in RS-BA1??) The ability to run up to 7 software products simultaneously over the single virtual comport. This includes Ham Radio Deluxe logbook, WSJT-X and varients, DX Lab, N1MM, N3FJP, DX4Win, and almost everything out there. Even MAC applications if you are adventurous! Support of Satellite mode on the IC-9700 Support of DStar repeater mode for the IC-9700 and IC-7100. Use of the existing built in frequency memories of the radio. Resizable spectra. Built in EiBi Shortwave Database. Macros. Transverter support Audio oscilloscope and an audio spectrum. Win4Icom will work with the virtual port delivered by the remote utility and allow use with version 1 or version 2 of RS-BA1. I believe there is no reason to upgrade to version 2 of RS-BA1 if you want to use the most recent radios.The following radios are supported:IC-7100, IC7300, IC-7600, IC-7610, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-7850/51, IC-9700, IC-705.Note, that for the radios that do not have ethernet or wifi, the included Client Server software can be used and is easier to configure with plenty of videos and support out there.73 Tom va2fsqPlease check out the release notes for additional items that are listed in the 1.352 version $('#quoted-185444943').on('', function () $('#qlabel-185444943').text("Hide quoted text"); ) $('#quoted-185444943').on('', function () $('#qlabel-185444943').text("Show quoted text"); ) More All Messages By This Member

displayLikeStats("/g/win4icomsuite", 0, 185444943, false) Tom Blahovici $('#timedispmsg185445285').replaceWith(DisplayShortTime(1619837812752268777, false)); #2848 Hi

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  • displayLikeStats("/g/win4icomsuite", 0, 187418901, false) Ken $('#timedispmsg187462429').replaceWith(DisplayShortTime(1623124407881325403, false)); #2916 It works for me. You turn on DW then press Tr-Du twice for + tracking. Changes to VFO A are followed on VFO B. There is a slight delay but it works.This is using the Icom Remote Utility with latest updated of RS-BA1 ver.2.-- 73.. Ken - VE5KC More All Messages By This Member

  • displayLikeStats("/g/win4icomsuite", 0, 187462429, false) Cory Ricci $('#timedispmsg187488611').replaceWith(DisplayShortTime(1623171398746121166, false)); #2917 I swore I had tried that before and didn't work and just figured that wasn't possible remotely but I'm pretty pumped to find this works now and it will track! Thank you for the info! More All Messages By This Member

displayLikeStats("/g/win4icomsuite", 0, 187488611, false) N2WQ $('#timedispmsg187530965').replaceWith(DisplayShortTime(1623241834342106355, false)); #2918 I am glad ICOM has finally fixed this bug! It was the only reason to consider alternative remote access solutions. In the past I even tried sending CIV commands to the radio, but RSBA1 undid them.Rudy N2WQ

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